Our team is always trying to find new ways to help people to improve their finances. This website is one thing that they have tried. They want to make sure that everyone has access to information that will help them to be able to improve their financial situation. The articles on this website will hopefully be a good place for people to start. They cover simple themes and there should be something on them which will help everyone. They are designed to provide tips which are suitable for anyone to try even if they have no experience of finance and no financial education. The team realise that financial education is something that most people have not had, not from school or their parents and they want to make up for that. This is why they are keen to help people and do what they can to make sure that they can pass on their knowledge so that they will be able to help as many people as they can fill in this gap in their knowledge. Every thing is put together in a simple way but without patronising so that it can be of help to all of those that need it and want it. They hope that they can touch as many people as they can.