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Greenhenge (2016 Mar 08)

astronomy, ethnoastronomy, Sun, Earth, events, Cape Town


National Science Week - Cape Town (2013 Jun 21)

astronomy, outreach, NSW 2013, ethnoastronomy, astronomy media, SKA, SAASTA, OOG, events, Ed Foster, Cape Town


A compilation of traditional African star lore (2009 Jan 11)

astronomy, ethnoastronomy, Milky Way, LMC/SMC, Sun, Moon, Venus, comets, meteors


/Xam sidereal narratives and Gideon Retief von Wielligh's 'Boesman Stories' (2006 Jul 12)

astronomy, ethnoastronomy, Milky Way


The Three Kings and the Cape Clouds: Two astronomical puzzles (2005 Oct 01)

astronomy, ethnoastronomy, LMC/SMC