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Astronomical highlights during 2015 (2015 Feb 25)

astronomy, outreach, almanack, astronomy media, Sky Guide


National Science Week - Cape Town (2013 Jun 21)

astronomy, outreach, NSW 2013, ethnoastronomy, astronomy media, SKA, SAASTA, OOG, events, Ed Foster, Cape Town


Coming soon (2012 Jul 25)

astronomy, astronomy media, Brett du Preez

Ministry of Science and Technology on the SKA (press release) (2012 Mar 29)

astronomy, astronomy media, SKA


Southern sky highlights for 2012 (2011 Dec 31)

astronomy, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, outreach, almanack, astronomy media, Southern Sky News

Galileoscope winners: InOMN 2011 (Soutpansberg) (2011 Nov 10)

astronomy, outreach, astronomy media, Limpopo, InOMN, SAAO, Kos Coronaios


Green lasers - responsible use and registration (2010 Nov 09)

astronomy, outreach, observing equipment, astronomy media, ASSA, ASSA Cape Centre, ASSA Pretoria Centre

ZA SKA bid: NASA astronaut on tour (2010 Oct 31)

astronomy, space, astronomy media, SKA

SciAm commentary on SALT (2010 May 07)

astronomy, astronomy media, SAAO

The Charles Affair (2010 Feb 03)

astronomy, astronomy media, SAAO


Mars caused lunar eclipse, local newspaper reports (2008 Aug 21)

astronomy, Mars, lunar eclipse, astronomy media