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Supermoon (2016 Nov 14)

astronomy, outreach, Sun, Moon, Earth, astrophotography

Greenhenge (2016 Mar 08)

astronomy, ethnoastronomy, Sun, Earth, events, Cape Town

A Southern hemisphere astronomy bucket list (2016 Jan 15)

astronomy, constellations, deep sky, star charts, observing report, star party, space craft, stars, ISS, comets, meteors, asteroids, Milky Way, LMC/SMC, Sun, Moon, Earth, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, atmospheric phenomena, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, zodiacal light


Total lunar eclipse, Monday Sep 28 (2015 Sep 28)

astronomy, astrophotography, Sun, Moon, Earth, lunar eclipse, atmospheric phenomena, Walter, events, Gordons Bay


Aurora (2010 Aug 23)

astronomy, space, Earth

Earth and Moon in space (2010 Aug 19)

astronomy, Moon, Earth, Mercury, space


A lunar solar eclipse (2009 Feb 20)

astronomy, solar eclipse, Sun, Moon, Earth