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13th Southern Star Party (Summer 2017)

 posted: 173 days ago, on Wednesday, 2017 Mar 01 at 06:18
 tags: astronomy, Southern Star Party, outreach, light pollution, SQM, star party, astrophotography, SKA, Leeuwenboschfontein.

The 2017 Summer Southern Star Party - our 13th event - was held at Leeuwenboschfontein in the Klein Karoo, February 22-27.

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Partial solar eclipse - 2017 February 26

 posted: 176 days ago, on Sunday, 2017 Feb 26 at 00:00
 tags: astronomy, Southern Star Party, solar eclipse, Leeuwenboschfontein.

Sunday's partial solar eclipse as viewed by attendees at the 13th Southern Star Party.

(photo: Partial solar eclipse, 2017 February 26)

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Best Stargazing Events for 2017

 posted: 232 days ago, on Sunday, 2017 Jan 01 at 00:01
 tags: astronomy, outreach, Southern Sky News, .

My selection of the Top-5 astronomy events not to miss during 2017.

(photo: Best 2017 astronomy and stargazing events)

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 posted: 280 days ago, on Monday, 2016 Nov 14 at 00:37
 tags: astronomy, outreach, Sun, Moon, Earth, astrophotography.

Things to know about the supermoon tonight.

(photo: View from China’s Chang’e 5-T1 spacecraft,)

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2017 Astronomy Wall Calendar

 posted: 284 days ago, on Thursday, 2016 Nov 10 at 23:01
 tags: astronomy, heritage, CfAH.

A 12-page wall calendar with a mix of astrophotos and rarely-seen South African historical images, for 2017. In support of the Centre for Astronomical Heritage NPC. Just in time for the holidays!

(photo: 2017 Astronomy Wall Calendar, from the Centre for Astronomical Heritage)

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The 2016 Spring Southern Star Party

 posted: 287 days ago, on Monday, 2016 Nov 07 at 05:21
 tags: astronomy, star party, Southern Star Party, Bonnievale.

We presented the 12th Southern Star Party from 26 to 31 October at Night Sky Caravan Farm in Bonnievale, South Africa. Photos after the jump.

(photo: Spring Southern Star Party)

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First light with Little Martin

 posted: 287 days ago, on Monday, 2016 Nov 07 at 04:16
 tags: astronomy, deep sky, observing report, observing equipment, star party, Southern Star Party, Little Martin.

A quick report from my first deep-sky session with a new 'scope.

(photo: Little Martin, recovering after observing.)

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Stargazing at the Waterfront - 2016 November 05

 posted: 288 days ago, on Sunday, 2016 Nov 06 at 21:52
 tags: astronomy, outreach, StarPeople, Waterfront, Cape Town, Little Martin.

StarPeople's public astronomy day at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

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My selection of the Top-5 astronomy events not to miss during 2017.

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