Lacaille's planisphere for Stellarium

posted: 607 days ago, on Thursday, 2013 Jan 31 at 15:39
tags: astronomy, outreach, constellations, history.

Lacaille's beautiful 1752 planisphere* was the first to illustrate the new southern constellations he created. Download his planisphere as constellation art for Stellarium, and see the southern sky as Lacaille imagined it over 250 years ago.

*Mem de l'Ac.R. des Sc., 1752, page 592, plate 20
Planisphere contenant les comprises entre le Pole Austral
Constellations Celestes et le Tropique du Capricorne

2013 February 16 at 06:18 by Heinke

Works well. Nice to see some things are upside down as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere!

2013 March 01 at 06:58 by etienne gouws

thank you

2013 April 22 at 01:57 by Keith Golon

Very nice!

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