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Stuart Lightbody and Bryan Miles at the CoM  @psychohistorian.org

Stuart Lightbody and Bryan Miles at the CoM

posted: 3395 days ago, on Monday, 2010 Nov 08 at 13:44
tags: magic, College of Magic, events, Cape Town.

On Sunday, November 7, Cape Town magic champions Stuart Lightbody and Bryan Miles gave a delightful performance at the College of Magic.

This special event was held as a fund-raiser for two young magicians and students at the College, Ryan Jones and Jesse Brooks, who hope to attend IMX2011, the International Magic Experience event, in Las Vegas.

David Gore, Director of the College, opened the afternoon's proceedings, and introduced Ryan and Jesse. Jesse took over, quoting Siegfried & Roy (patrons of the College) before introducing the ever-popular Stuart Lightbody - but only after skillfully purging a King of Spades from his mouth (right).

Stuart started with what seems to be the obligatory "Crossed Arms Stunt" [anyone have an early reference to this?] which had the audience laughing loudly. He also performed his "déjà vu" rope routine, an "Escher-inspired paradox", then messed with our minds further by turning Bertus into a mind reader (bottom,left) by having him identify three cards chosen by audience members (using, amongst others, a Derren Brown mentalism force). The bottom-right pic shows Stuart, under the watchful eye of the spectator in red, making a card vanish from the deck in the other spectator's hand, and appear in his (carefully-watched) jacket pocket.

"Yoh!", "Mama-mia!", and "How cool is that!" was testimony to the excellent audience participation Stuart elicited.

Several other delightful effects - including very skillful card manipulation - combined with Stuart's humorous presentation style, left the audience thoroughly satisfied.

The second part of the show, in the little theatre, was introduced by Ryan Jones. Assisted by three audience members (bottom-left) he performed a card prediction effect, with the chosen card (pic bottom-right) revealing itself under the bottom of one of the participants.

Then Ryan introduced the suave mentalist Bryan Miles.

In keeping, I suppose, with the slightly darker mood of a mentalism act, Bryan created a more mysterious atmosphere, although to his great credit he didn't ham it up with hints to occult mystical powers and so on. He was total forthright, using the Banachek line "I use the five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense". Kudos.

Bryan, too, got his "This is so cool!" and "Jee Wizz!" remarks from the audience, with a selection of well-executed effects.

I felt that at times his humour came across as a little forced, but nobody else was bothered and took part enthusiastically in the programme.

Lorraine was the volunteer who took part in his "Lie to me"-style mind reading routine (bottom two images) in which he correctly predicts, four times in row, in which hand she in concealing a marble.

I particularly enjoyed it when he included a card routine, using Hermann as his assistant (bottom-most two pics). Bryan's written prediction revealed not only the chosen card, but also the position at which it would be found.


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  2. Bryan Miles' homepage
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  5. International Magic Experience (IMX 2011), Las Vegas

* IMX2011 is organized by College graduate Craig Mitchell and is shaping up to be an astounding conference - to rub shoulders with Banacheck and Michael Ammar must be a blast.

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