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Astronomy posters to download  @psychohistorian.org

Astronomy posters to download

posted: 4032 days ago, on Friday, 2009 Jan 09 at 14:30
tags: astronomy, outreach, downloads, Milky Way, Sun, Moon.

In support of our 2008 DST/SAASTA Astronomy Month outreach we developed a set of posters illustrating basic astronomy concepts.

These are cool talking-points when displayed at a venue, and can be used in even the most remote regions that are likely to be without electricity for your laptop and digital projector.

The posters listed below, free for you to download, were designed for A1-sized full-colour reproduction, so their PDF versions are rather large.

If you find them useful, drop me a line. Better still, send a photograph of the posters in use during your outreach event. Good luck & have fun!

Posters to download

Ref. No.Title & PDFWhat it showsPDF size
001.2Our Sunfour photos of the solar disk, three of the surface, table of basic facts1.4M
002.6Earth amongst the starsorbit of the Earth around the Sun, zodiac constellations in the background0.73M
003.2Earth's axial tiltEarth, axial tilt, atmosphere, attentuation of sunlight vs. latitude0.64M
005.5Moon phasesMoon in orbit around the Earth, Sun1.1M
005.5(cutouts for Moon phases poster)four lunar phase images, Earth globe with rotation marks. Cut out these images and attach them to the "Moon phases" poster at the appropriate position as you explain the Moon's changing appearance.0.71M
007.b3Eclipsesview from outer space of Earth-Moon-Sun, and shadows.0.62M
008.1Earth satellitesEarth, day/night, satellite in orbit, changing visibility0.87M
008.6Space Exploration11 space craft (two fictional)1.8M
008.b1Space in South Africaspace science & space technology in South Africa. (Adapted from a presentation by Dr Peter Martinez, SAAO)0.84M
009.9Solar System (orbits)orbits of the planets and dwarf planets to scale; inclinations; names of known moons.0.10M
010a.11Solar System (planets)images of the planets and dwarf planets, to scale.0.62M
010b.11Solar System (Sun & planets)images of the Sun, planets and dwarf planets, to scale.0.99M
011.3Solar system fact sheetTable of basic information on the solar system (A3-size)0.34M
103.2GalaxiesMontage of galaxies spirals, barred spirals, irregular, interacting, edge-on. Very pretty.2.1M
105.8Milky WayMilky Way, arms, constellations, disk/halo, etc. Lots to work with here.0.54M
107.1NebulaeMontage of bright & dark nebulae. Very pretty.1.2M
108.1Star clustersMontage of open and globular clusters. Very pretty.1.8M
110.3Star sizesStars drawn to scale Proxima Cen, Sun, Achernar, Canopus, gamma Crucis, VY CMa, etc.0.33M
202.8ConstellationsConstellations as cultural patterns in the night sky. Crux, Mensa, Orion, /Xam legend.0.83M
766.1Human solar system9 A3-sized images of the Sun and planets, clearly labelled. The Sun poster has a table of heliocentric distances, scaled down so that 1 AU = 2 metres. Wonderful outdoor activity, ending with Neptune at 60 metres from the Sun. Diameters of a few stars are given, which can be marked out on the ground with string.1.3M
500.5Astronomy in South AfricaMajor astronomical facilities in southern Africa SALT, HartRAO, HESS, meerKAT/SKA.1.7M

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