Angel in the architecture

posted: 3417 days ago, on Wednesday, 2008 Jul 16 at 17:13
tags: atheism, angels.

A photograph of an angel, taken in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, has been making news in the Daily Mail.

This appears to be the first photograph of an angel taken by a retired policeman; the full Daily Mail article can be enjoyed here.

Does anyone else remember the trippy Angels in the Architecture by Brian Eno? (Did anyone see his recent exhibit in Cape Town?) Before the days of iPods & CDs, I listened to "Angels" (and also Ummagumma) and pretended to feel "real deep, man." Because I stubbornly refused to take drugs, however, the music never really did it for me.

In the past, drug users such as Sherlock Holmes may have enjoyed it more. Holmes' creator, Conan-Doyle, is well-known for his interest in photographing fairies which are kinda like angels, I guess. While I don't know what the current Pope thinks about angels, we do know what the Pope thinks about fairies. The mind reels.

(PS: More fairy pictures here.)


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