posted: 4299 days ago, on Wednesday, 2006 Feb 15 at 09:19
tags: atheism.

The quaint idea of a fiery hell – where all those who, once exposed to Jesus but don't buy it, will go – is very much underplayed in contemporary Christianity.

In fact, some people grow up in a Christian home and think it's all about John 3:16 – love, cuddles and Elysian fields.

Want that it were so! Instead, the Fires of Hell are still very much alive, stoked by the righteous to scare the bejesus out of those who don't share their fantasy. No happy otherworld for you, Virginia.

The recent fires on Table Mountain galvanised more than just the local inhabitants and the fire department. The nice people of the "Chris†ian Lifestyle" Church in Camps Bay (or is it in Gardens?) at the foot of Table Mountain, erected a bill-board to share their particular brand of good news. Pity they don't spell so good.

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