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About www.psychohistorian.org

This website is owned, designed and maintained by Auke Slotegraaf, and this "About" page contains exactly one sentence that is, in its entirety, totally truthful, as opposed to merely containing a metaphorical truth.

This is that sentence.

All content on psychohistorian.org is © 2003 – ∞ by Auke Slotegraaf (unless stated otherwise) and has been channelled from a higher dimension; you should consult the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 License before using material published here.

About the author

Auke Slotegraaf was born in the Year of the Boomerang and is the son of Auke Slotegraaf (sr.) and the daughter of Alice Cooper. His birthday immaculately coincided with both the Full Moon and the longest night of the year.

He is a noted wit, world snooker champion, and idiot savant. He can speak 16 languages and regularly cheats at Scrabble. He knows everything of importance, and is researching the rest. He is an Olympic gold medallist (swimming) despite having never spent more than half an hour in a swimming pool.

While still in primary school his talent for languages blossomed and by grade 6 (aged 10) he had written several books. By the age of 11 he was able to solve simultaneous linear equations (which took the Chinese all the way to 100 BCE to figure out; those in the west had to wait 1600 years to get the answer from Gauss).

His desire to be a scientist was borné in his first year of high school when he won a national science exposition. His winning entry, "An Accurate Model of the Lunar Surface" was made by accidentally dropping a plaster model of a volcano on the floor and then submitting it with a modified title. He was later awarded Full Colours for academics and sport without ever seeing a rugby ball.

After high school he spent time in an alternate universe, where he hosted a TV game show. He was also made Pope.

While at University, he invented the nostril. He built his first world in 1986, and after graduating several times he declined an offer to model for Calvin Klein.

He regularly sees galaxies millions of light years away and can pass gas to the tune of 'Ave Maria'.

He is currently a world builder, dungeon master, games master and candle-stick maker. He is also available in italic.

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