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2015 Astronomy Wall Calendar

 posted: 97 days ago, on Wednesday, 2014 Oct 22 at 23:29
 tags: astronomy.

An attractive astronomy wall calendar for 2015, specially for the southern hemisphere!

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Pearls of the Southern Skies

 posted: 126 days ago, on Tuesday, 2014 Sep 23 at 18:03
 tags: astronomy, deep sky, astrophotography, history, Dieter Willasch.

Finally! Published in 2014 September by Firefly Books (Canada).

(photo: Pearls of the Southern Skies cover)

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Moon occults Saturn (2014 June 10)

 posted: 230 days ago, on Wednesday, 2014 Jun 11 at 15:03
 tags: astronomy, astrophotography, occultation, Sir Brian, Moon, Saturn, Somerset West, Martin Lyons.

On Tuesday evening the Moon occulted Saturn. Story and pics after the jump.

(photo: Reappearance of Saturn, imaged by Richard Ford.)

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 posted: 392 days ago, on Tuesday, 2013 Dec 31 at 08:12
 tags: events.

All the best for 2014!

(photo: :-))

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Nova Cen 2013 - the brightest nova this century

 posted: 416 days ago, on Saturday, 2013 Dec 07 at 10:11
 tags: astronomy, variable stars.

On Monday, December 02, Australian amateur astronomer John Seach (Chatsworth Island, NSW) discovered a nova in Centaurus, not far from beta Centauri.

(photo: Image by Auke Slotegraaf, Somerset West. 2013 Dec 20 04:27 SAST)

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Spotting the crescent Moon in December

 posted: 419 days ago, on Wednesday, 2013 Dec 04 at 06:27
 tags: astronomy, Moon.

Find the slender lunar crescent as it returns to the night sky over the next few days.

(photo: December 04)

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Dassiesfontein Farm Stall

 posted: 445 days ago, on Friday, 2013 Nov 08 at 13:00
 tags: photo diary.

On the N2 between Botrivier and Caledon lies an intruiging stop-over spot.

(photo: Dassiesfontein. 2013 November.)

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StarPeople's astronomy outreach at the Bonnievale Bonanza 2013

 posted: 445 days ago, on Friday, 2013 Nov 08 at 06:49
 tags: astronomy, outreach, Ed Foster, Bonnievale.

On the weekend of 2013 November 1 & 2, we took part in the Bonnievale Bonanza, a rural festival that attracted some 5,000 visitors, with an astronomy outreach stall, Sun-gazing during the day, and telescope viewing at night. Photos after the jump.

(photo: StarPeople's astronomy outreach at the Bonnievale Bonanza 2013)

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The best astronomical events in the southern skies for 2013.

cool stargazing events

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